How to Design Organizations for the Global Business Environment?

Answer Competing in the global market has not only become a goal, but a necessity for some organizations. Before deciding to go global, a company faces a number of key decisions beginning with determinin... Read More »

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How Does Global Warming Affect the Environment & Animals?

The humidity in an incubator is read from a hygrometer, which consists of two thermometers. One of these contains a wick, which needs to be kept wet. The "wet-bulb" reading, together with that from... Read More »

How would you rank the worst meats to eat in terms of their environment impact on global warming?

I think the greatest offender is beef, followed by pork and chicken. Overfishing is devastating to the environment in it's own way but I don't think it is as closely tied to global warming as other... Read More »

Business Tactics & Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations?

The business world teems with ideas and strategies to generate profit more effectively. These strategies can also be applied to nonprofit organizations that work to generate social revenue. A stron... Read More »

Accounting for Charitable Organizations vs. Business Firms?

Charitable organizations, like any other business, have accounting needs. Accounting for businesses and charitable organizations are similar, to a certain point, yet they are different in other lev... Read More »