How to Design Native American Indian Beadwork on Clothes?

Answer Native Americans have used beadwork to embellish their clothing for centuries. The bright, bold colors of these designs usually signify status, represent tribal affiliation or have spiritual signif... Read More »

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Native American Beadwork History?

Native American beadwork is an immensely popular form of adornment. Stemming from the culture of ancient American Indians, beadwork evolved from native culture to the mass-produced designs of today... Read More »

What is the old cartoon that featured a Native American Indian Involved was a crying sequence and the voice of the Indian was the same as the voice of Homer Simpson's angel from Whacking Day?

Winkey-Dink and you, or winkey dink, for short. I can imagine this could damage the then expensive TV screens if practiced enough.

What Are Native American Indian Drums Used For?

Drums have been used for centuries by the native peoples of the United States and Canada. Every native culture uses some form of the drum for ceremonial events, dancing, music and decorating. Drums... Read More »

A List of Native American Indian Tribes?

Nearly every region of the United States was settled by Native American civilizations before the European colonists arrived to the New World in the 16th and 17th centuries. These tribes taught the ... Read More »