How to Design Body Lotion?

Answer Designing your own body lotion is a good choice for health and economic reasons. There are so many chemicals in the expensive store-brand body lotions that they can actually dry skin out with conti... Read More »

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Do you use body butter or body lotion ?

I use body lotion on my whole body and for my stretch marks I use coco I use lotion and then body butter but I don't suggest using body butter all over though because it's thick and sho... Read More »

How to Design Lotion Labels?

Designing labels for your lotion bottles does not have to be difficult but it is necessary. Labels give the look of professionalism -- a must if you intend to sell your lotion and make money. The l... Read More »

How often do you put body lotion?

I only do in the wintertime when its dry and I get flaky, yes everyday use is OK they test it on animals to make sure its safe

Body Oil Vs. Lotion?

Both body lotion and body oils are effective for treating dry, aging skin. Your choice depends on how dry your skin is or the level of dehydration that has occurred, as well as what you prefer rega... Read More »