How to Describe a Student With a Learning Disability in Math Class?

Answer One of the important responsibilities a teacher is charged with is to identify students with a learning disability in math, a condition known as dyscalculia in academic circles. Extra tutoring or c... Read More »

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Math Learning Disability Strategies?

Students who suffer from math learning disabilities have a form of dyscalculia. According to the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-IV," dyscalculia occurs when mathematical abi... Read More »

PDF Math Technology Products for Student Learning?

PDF math technology allows students to use the PDF format to learn math as well as to illustrate their learning process. There are several different projects that students can do with math and with... Read More »

Fun Ways to Teach Math to a Learning Disabled Student?

Students with dyscalculia, or a learning disability in math, are fully capable of becoming proficient students of math. The strategies used and time taken will vary, but with patience and persisten... Read More »

How to Describe a Style of Learning?

A learning style is the way in which someone encounters and understands information. All individuals learn in a way that is different and beneficial to them. It is helpful for educators to understa... Read More »