How to Describe Yourself Over the Phone?

Answer Sometimes people have phone conversations before they've actually met. These phone conversations, meant to get to know one another, are often centered around the two parties describing themselves t... Read More »

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What are some words to describe a mobile phone?

helpful, important , comfort zone , expensive , wide , small , skinny ,

Why doesn't my android phone send texts and phone calls over the internet when its in a dead spot for phone service?

The X8 is a mile ahead of the game here. The Razor is very cheap and tacky and a very badly-rounded phone, whereas the X8 can compete with higher end phones in some areas.

Does this describe an UTI?

It could be. Try drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice. If this doesn't help you should see a doc. you should also tell your mom now. A uti is not a sign that you had sex

How to Describe Yourself?

Self-portraits are beautiful because they show how we see ourselves. Our words are different from others. We may not notice things others do. We know our good qualities. We know our bad points. We ... Read More »