How to Describe Your Personality?

Answer Everyone has a unique personality but it can be difficult to describe your personality if you're not really sure about it. Here are some ways you might like to try.

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Describe and contrast the psychoanalytic perspective of personality development and the psychosocial perspective of personality development?

Personality generally refers to an individual's character or his permanent behavioral traits Which of the following statements best describes personality development?

Environmental influences begin shaping our personality at birth, and it continues to develop throughout our lifetime.

Is the gender of your baby suited (or not) to your personality, likes dislikes?

The funny thing was that while i was pregnant w/my 3 biological children (my oldest is my step-son who ive raised), i just KNEW what the sex of my babies would be. Everyone told me i should wait ti... Read More »

What personality traits to you hope your baby picks up from you or your husband/SO?

Well considering he already looks like him... literally a little mini clone...LOL! I hope and pray that Dane gets my husbands sense of humor and that "vibe" he gives off. People just love my husban... Read More »