How to Describe Emotions?

Answer Whether you are telling about your day, writing in your diary, writing a story-- develop pathos by describing emotions clearly and vividly. Keep in mind that describing is different than expressing... Read More »

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How to Not Let Your Emotions Get the Best of You?

Control your emotions with visualization and relaxation.

How do i get help for my emotions?

Myabe if you have trouble eating enough then maybe you could start by eating a little bit at a time and then when you get comfortable with that amount, you could try eating a little bit more next t... Read More »

Do you think animals have emotions?

Wanted to answer this a bit earlier but my browser seized up.That's an amazing video especially when they pat the wild lioness (eek).I started realizing they did when I read about the Octopus that ... Read More »

How to Understand Your Emotions?

Most people would agree that it's important to communicate what you're feeling. But how do you KNOW what you are feeling? Here are some simple yet profound ways to know what you're feeling and how ... Read More »