How to Descale a Senseo?

Answer The Senseo Coffee Maker, which is manufactured by Phillips, brews coffee in a different way than many commercial coffee makers. Instead of a traditional filter and basket, the Senseo uses pods that... Read More »

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What is Senseo coffee?

Senseo coffee is ground coffee packaged for use in Senseo coffee machines. Coffee "pods" (also called "pads") are inserted into the patented coffee brewing machine to produce a coffee drink.Packag... Read More »

Senseo Cleaning Instructions?

It's all too easy to clean the coffee cups and forget the machine that helped you make the coffee. Any coffee machine needs regular cleaning. Heated water leaves behind a mineral residue known as s... Read More »

How to Descale a Kettle?

A kettle that is full of lime-scale not only looks terrible, but takes longer to boil and wastes electricity because the scale prevents the element from conducting heat well. Eventually the element... Read More »

What is the best way to descale a shower head?

Get a plastic bag & some elastic bands. Half fill the plastic bag with either vinegar or lemon juice and put shower head into the bag, secure bag with elastic bands. Leave overnight, then remove ba... Read More »