How to Derive the Day of the Week?

Answer The date of your birth or anniversary is something nearly everyone can remember, but do you know on what day of the week your special day fell? Short of pulling out an old calendar, it can be hard ... Read More »

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How do I derive the day of the week?

Gregorian CalendarLook at a current calendar. According to the “Columbia Viking Desk Encyclopedia,” the Gregorian calendar, which most people use today, evolved from the Roman calendar as refor... Read More »

How do I Derive a 3D Formula for Distance?

Finding the distance between two points in three dimensions makes use of the Pythagorean theorem. The theorem states that the square of the "hypotenuse" (i.e. the square of the distance between the... Read More »

How to Derive the Quadratic Formula?

Learn to derive this!This article refers to the standard equation for second degree polynomials:ax2 + bx + c = 0We will be deriving the quadratic formula by "completing the square" on this equation... Read More »

How to Derive Physics Equations?

Calculus, especially derivatives, plays a key role in physics. You probably learned about slope in high school algebra. A function with a curved graph has a constantly changing slope. The slope is ... Read More »