How to Derive Physics Equations?

Answer Calculus, especially derivatives, plays a key role in physics. You probably learned about slope in high school algebra. A function with a curved graph has a constantly changing slope. The slope is ... Read More »

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How to Derive Equations From the Nth Order?

If a function f(x) is differentiated, we obtain its derivative, known as f'(x). If this first derivative is further differentiated, we obtain its second derivative, f"(x), and if the second derivat... Read More »

How to Solve Literal Equations in Physics?

Physics is a fundamental science, and by studying the subject, mankind has learned diverse types of information, whether it's the structure of the universe or the interactions of electrons at the s... Read More »

Physics Equations for Linear Motion?

The basic aspects of motion---acceleration, distance, velocity, and force---interact with one another to form the basis of Newtonian physics. The basic linear motion equations consist of the intera... Read More »

How to Go to Physics College if You Didn't Have Physics in High School?

Physics is science based on logic and common sense and High School Physics does not require a great deal of external help/advanced expertise to understand. But how universities are going to know wh... Read More »