How to Deposit a Check Online?

Answer Online check depositing is also known as remote deposit capture. It allows banking customers to deposit funds into personal or business accounts using a scanner instead of having to go to the bank ... Read More »

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Does a Check Have to Be Endorsed to Deposit It?

If you ever experienced a problem depositing an unendorsed check, you understand the complications and undue stress this can cause. Ultimately, you want to avoid this from every happening again -- ... Read More »

Can i deposit checks online?

You can deposit checks online if your bank accepts this kind of transaction. Many businesses use bank check scanners, which instantaneously submit your check to an online bank account for deposit. ... Read More »

How do I deposit a foreign currency check?

Ask your bank representative if the bank will accept a foreign check to be directly deposited into your bank account. If it will, inquire about applicable currency conversion rates and fees from th... Read More »

Can you deposit a check using a bank drive-thru?

Checks can be deposited via drive-thru stations as easily as at a teller's window inside the bank. Most banks require deposit tickets and, in some cases, identification for deposits. Banks also all... Read More »