How to Deliver a Complaint when You Cannot Find Your Spouse During Divorce?

Answer Your spouse has run off and you have no idea where he or she might be to post the legal notice of divorce. So how do you have the sheriff deliver a copy of your Complaint to your spouse? In this si... Read More »

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If getting a divorce in Pennsylvania can the spouse who provides medical insurance legally terminate the other's medical benefits before the divorce is final when the two are living separately?

Answer No. I believe he must wait until the divorce is final and all terms are worked out.

How to Answer a Divorce Complaint?

If you were served with a divorce complaint, it's important to file a response (in legal language, an "answer") with the court in a timely fashion. It may be best to hire a divorce lawyer if you ca... Read More »

How to Write a Divorce Complaint in Tennessee?

Tennessee requires that a divorce complaint be filed in the family law court in the county where the defendant-spouse (the one against whom the divorce is sought) lives. Tennessee family law courts... Read More »

How to Know if Your Spouse Is Filing For a Divorce?

No one goes into a marriage expecting a divorce. Every divorce is difficult. Some of the worst are the one sided divorces in which one party had no idea the other was contemplating a divorce. It is... Read More »