How to Delete the Contents of an iPhone Without iTunes?

Answer The iPhone is a quad-band GSM cellular telephone and pocket computer that is manufactured and sold by Apple Inc. The iPhone syncs with your computer via your computer's iTunes program. This sync pr... Read More »

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Itunes cannot read the contents of the iphone HELPP PLEASE?

How do you delete itunes off iPhone?

You can't because the app already comes with the phone. Plus even if you delete it it won't be there for the next person if you return it.

Delete songs off IPhone 4 via ITunes?

Delete all the music files in ur itunes library and sync ur iphone...Then add new songs to ur library and sync again...If u dont want to lose music from ur library,Click on the iphone tab and go to... Read More »

How do you delete your existing library for itunes without deleting it from your iphone?

Making a new account doesn't change the actual library, that's all in the computer. If you just want to exclude his music from your iPod, set your iPod to manual rather than automatic syncing and y... Read More »