How to Delete an Answer on Tumblr?

Answer Tumblr answers (or "notes" as they're more frequently called) are Tumblr's flavor of blog comments. A user who wants to leave a message on another user's Tumblr blog post can either leave a note or... Read More »

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login to your dashboardunder where it says dashboard and the name of your blog, click customize(or account>preferences>customize)click info, and where it says portrait photo, browse to a new photo... Read More »

Tumblr Help Can't delete?

Your URL should be like At the times of deletion it shows you the full URL copy paste it and then proceed.

Which tumblr url (if you answer, ill follow you)?

palm-woodI deleted my Tumblr and making a new one but for now just sub my youtube If you know anything about Sony Vegas can you answer my newest questions?Than... Read More »

Tumblr URL 10 points best answer!!?