How to Delete a Windows Prefetch Folder?

Answer Beginning with Windows XP, Microsoft added a new feature to Windows called "prefetching." The prefetching feature looks at the applications that you frequently use, and saves portions of the progra... Read More »

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How do I restore the Windows XP Prefetch folder?

Restoring the Prefetch FolderClick “Start,” and click “My Computer.” Double click on the partition where Windows XP is installed, and enter the folder labeled “Windows.” Locate the fold... Read More »

How to Delete Windows Prefetch Files?

The primary function of Prefetch files are to help your computer partially load frequently used applications and/or programs before the user initiates them, so that the user may access them faster.... Read More »

How to Delete Folder Contents With a Shortcut in Windows?

Folders and files make up the data on a hard drive. A folder is an organization tool and may hold files or other folders. Sometimes it is necessary to delete the contents of a folder while keeping ... Read More »

I just upgraded my Windows7 to Windows8, Is it safe if I will delete the folder:Windows.old in Local disk C?

Use disc cleanupIt would delete all the unwanted stuff and windows.old folderClick on Search type Disk CleanupRun Disk cleanupSelect DrivePress okSelect everything including old windows filespress ... Read More »