How to Delete a Stored Wireless Configuration?

Answer In Windows 7, users can store wireless configurations on their computer for an easy connection every time they boot the computer. However, circumstances can occur in which you need to alter this co... Read More »

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Getting error message "'Wireless Network Connection' doesn't have a valid IP configuration?

It could be the Encryption type used on your Wireless Router, or that you are swapping wireless Networks and the other network does not provide DHCP (Automatic IP Address Assignment)Things to try:-... Read More »

How to Delete Stored Passwords in XP?

The process you need to follow in order to delete a stored password in Windows XP depends upon what type of password it is. The procedure for deleting a user account password, for instance, is diff... Read More »

How do I delete stored passwords in XP?

Click on the "Start" icon and select "Run." Type in "Control keymgr.dll" without the quotes and hit "Enter." Select the stored password you wish to remove (for example, a stored password for the Wi... Read More »

How to Delete Stored Files Off of a Hard Drive?

Removing stored files off your had drive when they are not needed any longer is a recommended task. Deleted unneeded files on a regular basis frees valuable hard drive space. It also makes it easie... Read More »