How to Delete a Group of Duplicates in iTunes?

Answer Depending on how you have imported files into your iTunes library, you may have a group of duplicate files you need to delete. iTunes recognizes duplicates based on song name and artist or exact du... Read More »

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How to Delete Duplicates in Windows?

In your Windows computer, duplicate files are identical files that are scattered in your operating system. Many times, duplicate files appear on your computer when you save multiple copies of the s... Read More »

How to delete originals and duplicates both in Microsoft Excel?

Besides going to Microsoft's site for the handling of duplicate rows of data in a worksheet, there are some other ways of selecting duplicate data:… and e... Read More »

On Facebook if i delete a group will group members know i delete it?

you will not able to delete a fb group if you are not admin of that group. Only you can leave that group then they will not notified it

How can i delete a group of fb ?

first, delete the other adminnext, delete everyone elselastly, delete yourselfthe group will then be gone