How to Delete a Daily Motion Video?

Answer Posting a video is a lot of fun but sometimes you regret what you post. If you want to take down a Daily Motion video then these steps are what you need.

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How to Upload a Daily Motion Video?

Sharing your video's with your friends is contingent on your ability to upload them. If you want to share your videos then look to further.

How to Create a Contest on Daily Motion?

Contests are a solid way to engage your fans and to get to see some funny stuff. Let's set one up.

How to Find a Daily Motion Playlist?

Daily Motion is a popular alternative to the video sharing website Youtube. Daily Motion allows users to upload and view videos all while featuring a filtering process to make the website family fr... Read More »

My Camera Canon SD750 when it's plays back a video that i recorded on it always fast forwards and when I try to go slow motion on a video theres no sound to?

Consult your camera manual. It is normal for a playback at other than normal speed to have no sound. There would be no point, as the sound would be distorted. Also, some cameras will record sound, ... Read More »