How to Delete Your Friendster Account?

Answer Do you want to cancel your Friendster account? Then follow these steps on how to do it.

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How to Delete Your Friendster Profile?

Haven't touched that Friendster account in forever? Want it deleted once and for all? Here's how you can accomplish that.

How can you delete your directv account only online and not delete the service?

No.... it will not work on Directv products. The code for mine is 202, but it is blocked by Directv from controlling it.

How to Delete Friends in Friendster?

Deleting friends from your Friendster list is different than in MySpace or Facebook, but it's still a simple procedure. It's not necessary to send a message to the person you are deleting, which me... Read More »

How to verify a friendster account?

did you mean, how do you verfiy an email addressed used for a friendster account? if so, that's easy.when you signed up for friendster, they send you an email, using the email address you provided.... Read More »