How to Delete, Without Reading, an Email Notification?

Answer Viruses, hackers, identity thieves and spammers cause many people to cautiously open their emails. Most email providers take precautions to limit spam and other mail that can potentially damage you... Read More »

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How to stop freelancer email(notification) to my email ?

There will be unsubscribe mail option in all incoming emails. So check Unsubscribe link below Email Content and follow instructions.

Notification i can delete on Facebook?

How do I delete notification icons in Vista?

Right-click on your Vista taskbar and select "Properties." Open the "Notification Area" tab to view the notification icons you are able to remove. In the "System Icons" section, click to uncheck th... Read More »

How do you delete a notification that was sent out on Facebook by mistake?

When the little bubble pops up saying "You sent a notification to..." click undo. It should undo the sending of the notification.