How to Delete Wi-Fi in iPod?

Answer IPod is a line of multiple models of media players created by Apple. The top model on this line, the iPod Touch, includes the capability to connect to wireless computer networks following the 802.1... Read More »

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How to delete songs off an iPod from the iPod ?

If you are on iOS 5, you can slide your finger on the song and hit delete. It is a really useful feature.

On an iPod, is there a way to delete the games that came with the iPod?

nope...i had the same problem..except mine were taking up memory and it wuold only hold like 50 i got on itunes and restored it and it kept the games but took off memory somehow...idk

How to Move or Delete Applications on an iPod Touch and iPhone from the iPod/iPhone?

It is very annoying when you have applications on your iPod touch/iPhone not where you want them to be or you have downloaded an application from the app store and want to delete it but don't have ... Read More »

Can you delete songs on you Ipod?

you have to plug the ipod into the computer, go onto itunes and go into your ipod file, then remove the songs from that playlist and they'll be off the ipod