How to Delete Videos from an iPod Touch Using iTunes?

Answer How many times have I seen Twilight, Lets delete it!This article will teach you how to delete videos off your iTunes library and your iPod, or just your iPod if you wish. This article does NOT show... Read More »

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Will backing my ipod touch on itunes delete cydia?

Backing up your device on iTunes will not un-jailbreak your device nor delete Cydia. The ONLY way to delete Cydia and un-jailbreak your device is if you restore or upgrade via iTunes. Once jailbrok... Read More »

How to Delete Podcasts, Videos, and Apps from an iPod Touch?

Wanting more free space on your iPod touch fast? Want to delete listened podcasts, watched videos, and old or used apps? Read on to find out how!

When I try to download iPod Touch 2.0, iTunes says "The iTunes store is temporairly unavaibable..." Help?

Why won't my iPod Touch applications sync from Itunes to my iPod?

In your Itunes make sure that when you plug up your iPod it is being read by your itunes. From their go and click on your iPod's name when it pops up which should be on the left side of the itnues ... Read More »