How to Delete Text on a Computer?

Answer Did you just get a new computer and are wondering about some of the basics? Don't worry, although it can be done in numerous ways, it is very simple to delete text on a computer.

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When i delete my msg off my facebook on my computer they wont delete off my fone help?

not sure what a "fone" is - maybe you mean a "phone"?when you delete messages, they arent actually deleted, they are archived, until you also delete the archive.... did you do that?btw, it doesnt d... Read More »

How to Delete Text Messages From an iPhone?

Do you have an ex you want to forget? Meaningless texts from your phone company? Texts you'd rather your parents not see? Need to delete some text messages?Fortunately, deleting text messages from ... Read More »

How to Delete Text of a Figure in MATLAB?

The technical computing software MATLAB is used for data processing and analysis. You can manipulate data contained within arrays and matrices using built-in matrix operations to get the data into ... Read More »

How do you delete a text plus account on an ipod?

After a while of not using it the account will either automatically delete or ask you if you want it to be deleted. Just log out of it and delete the app. In a month the account will be gone