How to Delete Terminal Server User Accounts?

Answer Computers running the Windows Server operating system still have the ability to create separate user accounts the same way the regular versions of Windows do. Each user account can have different p... Read More »

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How to Move User Profiles From One Terminal Server to Another?

Terminal Server is an application that lets network administrators remotely control and manage computers. Since you save your profile to the server, you don't need to set up the connection each tim... Read More »

How to Delete User Accounts?

The User Account feature on Windows allows several users to use one computer, each with their own individual desktop and workspace. User accounts are managed by a system administrator and can be as... Read More »

How to Point a Terminal Server at a License Server?

Windows Server 2003 comes with a Terminal Server feature that allows you to access a computer's desktop while working on another computer. Terminal Server allows you to set the preferred Terminal S... Read More »

How to Find the Terminal Server?

A terminal server offers devices, such as computers or printers, a common connection point to a network. Microsoft Windows features a built-in utility program in its operating system, called the Te... Read More »