How to Delete Tags in Highrise?

Answer Highrise is a software program designed to help with organization skills, especially pertaining to business associates. The Highrise messaging system keeps track of all conversations with contacts,... Read More »

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How to Delete Tags in LiveJournal?

LiveJournal is a blogging platform and social network with millions of users. With a free LiveJournal account, you can create and customize posts on your own online journal. LiveJournal provides a ... Read More »

What is a highrise condominium?

A high rise condominium is a tall building with condominium units.

Why are army identification tags called dog tags?

The military's use of dog tags came surprisingly late in the history of American warfare. The dog tag is so named because of their obvious resemblance to the identification tags given to domesticat... Read More »

Are meta tags the same as Hn tags on web pages?

Meta tags are part of the header of a web pag1e and are not displayed in the web browser. They are used to describe the page to search engines and other programs. Hn tags (h1, h2, etc) are used to ... Read More »