How to Delete Quizzes That You Took on Facebook?

Answer Facebook applications vary from gaming platforms to music players. Quizzes are among the most commonly used apps. Once you take a quiz, the application has access to your profile information and wi... Read More »

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How to Make Questions on Facebook Quizzes?

The basic use for Facebook is to connect with friends, both old and new. But Facebook offers lots of fun activities, too. One type of activity that many users enjoy is taking quizzes created by oth... Read More »

How do you delete a notification that was sent out on Facebook by mistake?

When the little bubble pops up saying "You sent a notification to..." click undo. It should undo the sending of the notification.

I took Molly and Adderall last week, will I pass my drug test that I took this morning?

Both are amphetamines or are related to amphetamines and both generaly clear out of your system within a few days. Drinking lots of fluids will just dilute your sample and make it come back as flus... Read More »

Will facebook delete profiles that belongs to people's pets?

Yes, Facebook is likely to delete profiles belonging to pets. Facebook regularly checks its records to see if such accounts exist and delete / suspend them where necessary. You can also report such... Read More »