How to Delete Programs on a Mac?

Answer If you're new to Mac, you're probably looking for the best method to delete unwanted applications/programs. If you're used to Macs but you keep finding odd folders all over the place connected to a... Read More »

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How Do I Delete TI-85 Programs?

Step 1Turn on the TI-85 calculator, on the main screen press "2nd" and press "mem."Step 2Select "DELET" and press "'PRGM."Step 3Select the program of your choice and press "Enter." If there are mul... Read More »

How to Delete Ti-85 Programs?

The TI-85 is a surprisingly powerful scientific calculator. It can not only perform more than adequately in the classroom, it is possible to use it as a general-purpose computer. Indeed, actual o... Read More »

How to Delete MS-DOS Programs?

MS-DOS is an operating system developed by Microsoft and used on a large number of computers in the 1980s. Unlike Microsoft's Windows operating system, which would eventually succeed DOS, the DOS s... Read More »

How to Delete Cydia Programs?

Once you "jail break" your iPhone, or open the OS on the phone to allow any program to run on it (iPhones come restricted to pre-approved applications), you can download Cydia and use it to install... Read More »