How to Delete Photos?

Answer Every once in a while there has been a picture we thought once looked spectacular but really wasn't. Here's how to delete a photo from your computer.

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How do you delete photos on an iPad 2?

Open photos app and tap on icon in top right corner. Select all the photos you want to delete from there

How do I delete photos on an iPhone?

Tap "Photos" to view your photo albums. Tap on the photo album that contains photos you want to delete.Tap on the photo to enlarge it. Look for the trash icon in the bottom-right corner. Tap the tr... Read More »

How do you delete all photos on iPhone?

You can do it locally using "FinderMobile" app, or you can do it from another computer via ftp client (in this case must have "vftpd" service on your iPhone). You can also use Terminal app to delet... Read More »

How do you delete photos on the Wii photo channel?

The Wii Photo Channel does not directly interact with the SD card - so you cannot delete the photographs on the card. To remove the photographs from the Channel - simply remove the SD card they are... Read More »