How to Delete Personal Information Before Selling Your Computer?

Answer Selling your old computer can help you pay for your new one, but you should be aware of the dangers. Others can access your personal information if it is not completely deleted from the hard drive.... Read More »

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How to Delete All Personal Information on a Computer Hard Drive?

Personal information saved to your computer can pose a security risk when you decide to sell, donate or throw away your computer. As a result, when you decide to discard your computer, purging your... Read More »

E-Business Ethical Issues on Selling Personal Information?

It may not be ethical for an e-business to sell personal information, but in certain cases it's legal --- which can make it confusing to determine what's ethical. For example, the College Board leg... Read More »

How to Erase the Personal Information on Your Computer?

Donating or selling your computer can be a beneficial act for both you and the party receiving your computer. But before you put your computer into the hands of a stranger, it's important that you ... Read More »

What is safest way to get rid of an old computer,which may have personal information on it?

The only place where there is information that you have stored on the computer is on the Hard Drive. Open your computer's case. You will see a ribbon cable that goes from the motherboard to the fl... Read More »