How to Delete My Webcam from ooVoo?

Answer OoVoo is an instant messaging client that lets you chat with your friends and family. It also lets you post real-time comments during a chat session. OooVoo gives you the option to chat without usi... Read More »

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If I delete a video on dell webcam will it still be there?

No, if you restore your computer, videos will no longer be there. Dell also, sorry to say, doesn't have your videos. Try and back them up on a USB drive or burn a disk BEFORE restoring your compute... Read More »

If I delete vampire live from my iphone then I will also delete my character?

You should be able to create an S8 user id and password in the settings button (little gear wheel looking thing) on home screen. Once you do this, you can delete and reinstall, go back to settings ... Read More »

How do I put a live webcam on my hobby web site Does a webcam hook up work on a laptop computer?

If you want to host live webcast, you can use or and embed the player on your site. You can use any web cam and there is no software because everything happens in the browser.... Read More »

How do you take webcam pictures when two people are both on webcam?