How to Delete My Current Yahoo ID & Get a New One?

Answer Like virtually all membership-based services on the Web, Yahoo! does not allow members to change the user names they chose during registration. If you no longer want to use your current Yahoo! ID a... Read More »

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How to Delete Yahoo Messenger Without Deleting the Yahoo Account?

Removing Yahoo! Messenger from your computer does not delete your Yahoo! Account. You can safely uninstall Messenger and still have access to your email, games, and everything else that Yahoo! offe... Read More »

How do i delete current desktop wallpaper from a macbook?

Open the "System Preferences" panel located on your dock or in the "Applications" section of your MacBook. Select "Desktop & Screen Saver." Select a different wallpaper from among the folders in th... Read More »

Should I delete my current YouTube account It has 212 subs!?

Think of your friend as the first of many haters. Every good channel has a ton of good stuff, and a couple haters now and then. Stick with it. Try your best.

Is there a way to delete or hide the current session on Facebook?

No, its not possible. Basically, a session is started when the user first enters a site, i.e. when they request any ASP page from anywhere on the site for the first time (loading a non-ASP page doe... Read More »