How to Delete Messages on a RAZR for T-Mobile?

Answer Your Motorola Razr phone stores both sent and received text messages on the phone, and if you do not occasionally clear out your messages you may encounter storage space or performance issues. The ... Read More »

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If you report messages as spam on Facebook, does it delete the messages from the other persons account?

nope. single report won't do. it needs couple of reports from different facebook users to a certain degree. Then it will go through a technical group or an automated system and then decide what to ... Read More »

How to Convert an AT&T Razr to T-Mobile?

Both AT&T and T-Mobile operate their networks using the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) standard. GSM is the standard on which most of the world's cellular phones operate. Because they... Read More »

T-mobile RAZR :) (opinions needed)?

maybe like $20 on ebay.... not being mean, just honest..... remember, you are also competing against modern 2011+ flip phones that have better hardware that the old razrs...

Which RAZR is better T-mobile, Cingular or Verizon?

Verizon has a more widespread network and gives better service.