How to Delete Instant Messages From a Hard Drive?

Answer Most instant messaging programs have the option to save your chat history, and many have this option set by default. While this is helpful if you need to recall an important piece of information, s... Read More »

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How do I copy messages from Yahoo mail to a hard drive?

Copy the MessageClick and drag on the message to highlight the entire text. Hold down the "Control" key on your keyboard as you press the "C" key.Save the MessageOpen a word-processor or notepad do... Read More »

How do I delete a hard drive?

Overwrite the Hard DiskErase the hard drive by overwriting the system with all zeros. This will cause the system to delete a majority of what is on the hard drive; however, this sometimes is not e... Read More »

How do I delete Windows from my hard drive?

Insert your Windows disk into your computer. Restart the computer. If you are asked to hit a key to continue you will have to do this to boot from the CD. If your computer does not boot from the CD... Read More »

How do i delete from an external hard drive?

Erasing DataOpen up the hard drive's icon from the desktop (the drive must be connected to the computer; if you don't see the drive's icon, disconnect the drive's USB cable and reconnect it). Right... Read More »