How to Delete Incomplete Podcast From iPhone?

Answer You can download and listen to podcast episodes directly on your iPhone using the iTunes Store app. The iTunes Store app includes a "Downloads" list that tracks what episodes you are currently tran... Read More »

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New to iPhone. How do I get a podcast?

Go to iTunes on your iPhone and search the the podcast you listen to. You will find podcasts by going to iTunes > More > Podcasts. Hope this helps

If I delete vampire live from my iphone then I will also delete my character?

You should be able to create an S8 user id and password in the settings button (little gear wheel looking thing) on home screen. Once you do this, you can delete and reinstall, go back to settings ... Read More »

If you buy an iPhone app on your iPhone 4 and then delete it when you sync it to your computer will it still be there?

heck no!! i got mine just a week ago and its my favorite present ever!! i can do whatever i want on it. and the possibilities are endless; im on it right now!! also, the two cameras are AWESOME and... Read More »

How to Move or Delete Applications on an iPod Touch and iPhone from the iPod/iPhone?

It is very annoying when you have applications on your iPod touch/iPhone not where you want them to be or you have downloaded an application from the app store and want to delete it but don't have ... Read More »