How to Delete History Inside Your Web Browser?

Answer Do you need to clean up your web browser history? Follow these tips and you'll be set in no time.

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How to Delete Your Browser History With a Script?

Advanced computer users may wish to create scripts to automate certain tasks. Scripts can be created in various ways. However, for clearing your browser history, creating a command prompt script is... Read More »

When you delete your browser history, is it really gone?

When you delete browser history it is, for most intents and purposes, really gone. The exception to this is for users of Firefox release versions 3.0 and above. Due to a new method of storing histo... Read More »

How do you delete your search history in Puffin browser for the ipod touch?

Hey!You can't. They don't allow you to delete your search history. If you still want to however, you can try getting more help from their support team at: puffinbrowser@cloudmosa.comFor more help a... Read More »

How do I delete browser history from IE 7?

Open your browser and click on the "Tools" button. In the drop-down menu select "Delete Browsing History."Click on the "Delete History" button in the menu that appears. You can also delete cookies ... Read More »