How to Delete Files on an iPod Touch?

Answer Ever wanted to find the delete button for files on an iPod Touch? This will show you how to delete them from the iPod Touch without iTunes.

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How do i delete songs off my ipod touch?

Delete them iTunes, then allow the iPod to update to the changes you've made in iTunes.In iTunes: right-click the songs you would like to delete and choose Delete from the menu.

How to Delete a Terminal App on an iPod Touch?

Apple's iPod touch, a portable multimedia player with a touch-sensitive display, connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi, which you might want to access using Telnet or SSH with a terminal emulator app.... Read More »

How do i delete pictures off my iPod Touch?

you should be able to, when you plug in your touch to your pc just click on your ipod an it has all the links at the top, one of those should be pics and you should be able to just click, sync pic ... Read More »

Can I delete apps on my iPod Touch?

If you sync your iPod touch with a laptop or PC or iTunes, you can always retrieve them later when you need. With iTunes you don't need to save on a particular computer. you can retrieve from anywh... Read More »