How to Delete Everything on an iTouch?

Answer If you want to clear your iPod Touch before selling it or passing it on to another user, perform a factory restore. The restore will delete everything on the iPod Touch's hard drive including conta... Read More »

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How do you delete wallpaper on an iPhone or iTouch?

this is very simple. But you absolutely need to have wallpaper so i will show you how to change it.Go to your photos and select a picture you like.on the bottom of the screen there is a a black box... Read More »

How to Delete All Apps for Mail on the iTouch?

The iPod Touch is proving to be a popular MP3 option among consumers. The iPod Touch has many new features that the iPod Classic did not have. For example, you can receive Wi-Fi, download applicati... Read More »

My itouch won't connect to my computer and I need to delete music! Help!?

How to Delete Pictures From a Photo Gallery on the iTouch?

Remove pictures from the Photos app on your iPod touch that you no longer want to free up space on your device. You can delete pictures taken with your iPod touch directly from the Camera Roll sect... Read More »