How to Delete Everything on a Computer on Windows Vista?

Answer The easiest way to delete everything on your Windows Vista hard drive is to use the formatting tool on the Windows Vista installation disk. You cannot format a drive while it is being used by the o... Read More »

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How do I delete Windows Vista off of a computer?

Format your hard drive. Windows Vista does not uninstall, and deleting some or even a large number of files will not likely delete all of Windows Vista as it is very invasive, so you must format th... Read More »

My lexmark printer wont talk to my windows vista computer,i've tried everything any1 know why?

Hi go to the main site in this case lexmark then go to downloads, look for drivers, find the ones for your printer and vista. When you download the drivers send and save them to your desk top (I Ma... Read More »

I bought a computer with vista.I have a document that will not print or delete.I have tried everything,help?

This is a solution I've used many times to remove documents from the print que when they weren't removed by using the pull-down menu command to "cancel all documents". This applies to Windows XP, ... Read More »

HOW do i delete everything i installed in my windows xp so as if i got it new?

Well i would take the cd used to install Windows XP. That's what i did twice and it worked.