How to Delete Every Other Row Automatically in Excel 2003?

Answer Microsoft Office has a lot of programmed functions to help you automate complicated functions and equations. There is no programmed function to delete every other row in Excel, but you can create y... Read More »

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How to Automatically Update Excel Fields in Word 2003?

A Microsoft Excel file is displayed as a spreadsheet. The columns within the spreadsheet are also known as fields and often include rows of information. Although you can use an Excel file for a mai... Read More »

How to Prevent Excel 2003 From Automatically Converting Dates to Julian?

When you type a date into Microsoft Excel 2003, the program will automatically convert that date to a Julian number. If you prefer to see your dates in another format, you can change the setting an... Read More »

Excel 2003 + Automatically Insertar lthe current date or time in a cell?

There are some shortcut key combinations which will make entering a Date/Time value much easier: To insert a static date or time, use any of the following: • Current Date Select a cell and p... Read More »

How do i delete macros in excel 2003?

Open the workbook that contains the Excel macro you want to delete (macros are workbook-specific, so you can't open just any workbook---it has to be the one that actually contains the macro). Click... Read More »