How to Delete Empty Rows in Excel?

Answer To delete all the empty rows, or rows missing a particular value can be done in 5 seconds!

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Is there a way to automatically get rid of empty rows in excel 2007?

Like with most anything within the MS-Office applications, there are several ways to handle situations.If your data has several "report headers" every 50 or 60 rows, then using a "Sort" might be th... Read More »

How to delete rows using excel function?

For future Questions, please state the version and update level of MS-Excel that you use, it makes a difference in the details of the Answer.If the data already exists for all of your rows, and you... Read More »

How Do I Delete Duplicate Rows in Excel?

Delete Duplicate RowsIn Excel 2007, prepare a data table with one record per row and one field per column. Select any cell within the data range. On the "Data" tab of the ribbon, in the "Data Tools... Read More »

How do I delete duplicate rows in an Excel spreadsheet?

Pull Down Zoom MenuOpen the Excel spreadsheet with the duplicate rows by clicking "File" then "Open." Browse to the spreadsheet on your computer and double-click the file name so it opens in the Ex... Read More »