How to Delete Drop Shadow in Word?

Answer Microsoft Word's drop-shadow effect creates a 3-D illusion that can dramatically emphasize text. However, the shadow effect has little impact on small font sizes, where the shadow is all but invisi... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of the Drop Shadow on Word?

Although Microsoft Word is not a program specifically known for its design capabilities, you can create simple, functional graphics using Microsoft Word. One of the features that Word includes is a... Read More »

How to Add a Drop Shadow in InDesign?

A drop shadow adds dimension by casting what appears to be the shadow of an object. Knowing how to add a drop shadow in InDesign, a popular desktop publishing program that allows users to create pr... Read More »

How to Do a Drop Shadow to a Blogger Layout?

To add a drop shadow effect to a layout, you will use the CSS "box-shadow" value. The "box-shadow" value adds a box shadow to a section in the layout or a specific item such as around a... Read More »

How to Add a Drop Shadow in Photoshop Elements?

Adding a drop shadow to a photo or object gives it depth and makes it stand out in your photo creations and scrapbook layouts. In Photoshop Elements, it is easy to add drop shadows using layers and... Read More »