How to Delete Comments on YouTube?

Answer Have you ever gotten a bad comment and wanted to delete it from your video?This article tells you how to do exactly that. When you're done you will know how to delete comments from youtube.

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Do YouTube comments you posted delete when you delete an inbox?

No, when you delete a comment from your inbox, you are not deleting their comment, you are deleting the notification telling that they left you a comment reply.There is no way for a person to delet... Read More »

How to Delete All the Comments on My YouTube Page?

Unfortunately, your YouTube channel page is subject to the same type of spam and offensive comments as most other pages. While the comments section on your YouTube page is a great way to receive co... Read More »

Can I delete the comments from my youtube profile?

Of course you can! If you couldn't, there would be no point in having a comment box. Rude people would write whatever they wanted and you wouldn't be able to erase them! Imagine the embarrassment!G... Read More »

How do you delete comments on the app iFunny :)?

IMPOSSIBRUBut if you would like to like your own picture on iFunny, it is possible!First you post your picture.Comment on your picture.Go to the pictures you have commented on.Hit the small picture... Read More »