How to Delay a Hearing in Bankruptcy Court?

Answer You risk having your bankruptcy dismissed if you do not attend the hearings set by the trustee. Bankruptcy exists to provide debtors with the ability to pay their debts -- Chapter 13 -- through an ... Read More »

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How long does bankruptcy delay foreclosure?

On One Hand: Chapter 13 bankruptcy Delays It IndefinitelyMost people file a chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop or delay a foreclosure. Chapter 13 is essentially a plan approved by the court to allow the... Read More »

How to Survive a Court Hearing?

A court hearing can be really stressful, whether you're guilty or innocent. Learning how to keep your cool in court will help you to get through the ordeal and move on. This article assumes that yo... Read More »

Will I be notified of a civil court hearing?

Although state law procedures differ slightly, all states require that the opposing party receive notification when a court date has been set in a civil court case. If you are the plaintiff, the co... Read More »

What was the result of the court hearing in the outsider?

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