How to Dehydrate Liquid With Low Heat?

Answer A dehydrator is a machine that allows you to dry food rapidly in your home using low heat. Dehydration removes the moisture from liquids in order to create sauces and to thicken liquids. Use a dehy... Read More »

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How to Heat 100 Gallons of Liquid?

A very common industrial process operation is heating liquids. Process design engineers need to calculate power requirements to heat certain liquids from one temperature to another. The determina... Read More »

What is the heat capacity of a phosgene liquid?

The heat capacity at constant pressure of phosgene in the liquid phase is 100.79 joules per mole Kelvin, meaning that for every 100 joules of energy added, the temperature of one mole of phosgene w... Read More »

How to Dehydrate a Potato With a Food Dehydrator?

Boxes of scalloped potatoes and au gratin mixes you find on the grocery store shelf contain slices of dehydrated potato. Dehydration is one way to preserve food and something you can do at home wit... Read More »

Can you heat a building with just infrared heat?

No, infrared heat is generally not efficient for heating an entire building. Because of its radiant heating process, it is best used for small space heating, materials drying or curing.References:... Read More »