How to Defog Headlights?

Answer Vehicle headlights that have developed a fog or haze over time can be dangerous for driving and difficult to clean. This method will defog headlights on your car, truck, or motorcycle for under $10... Read More »

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How to Defog Car Headlights?

All car headlights will develop a haze over time that makes them look fogged up. This is a normal side effect of driving. Dirt, sand, grit and other items constantly hit our headlights as we travel... Read More »

How to Defog Car Windows?

There is nothing more dangerous than driving without being able to see. Ideally, getting an engine up to operating temperature in any weather minimize this. It may sound silly in the summer, but if... Read More »

How to Defog a Diving Mask?

It's bound to happen sooner or later: mask fog. Fog is an annoyance and source of frustration for a great many new divers - especially so with new equipment. Here's how to prepare a mask for diving... Read More »

How to Defog Headlamp Covers?

The headlight on an automobile plays an important role in ensuring passengers' safety; do not neglect it. Think of the headlight as the "eyes" of the car. When the headlight covers become cloudy or... Read More »