How to Defog Headlamp Covers?

Answer The headlight on an automobile plays an important role in ensuring passengers' safety; do not neglect it. Think of the headlight as the "eyes" of the car. When the headlight covers become cloudy or... Read More »

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How to Clean Car Headlamp Covers?

Car headlamp covers are constantly exposed to the elements and will become filthy and fogged over time. Cleaning the covers requires more elbow grease than anything else, although the job is easier... Read More »

How to Clean Plastic Headlamp Covers?

Vehicle headlamps allow drivers to see and be seen by other drivers. Their covers are composed of molded plastic for resiliency, durability and resistance to cracks. Exposure to airborne dirt parti... Read More »

How to Restore the Plastic Headlamp Covers on a 1995 Mustang?

The plastic headlight lenses on the 1995 Mustang will, over time and exposure to the elements, become dull and yellow. Not only does this affect the appearance of your car, but it decreases the amo... Read More »

How to Defog Car Windows?

There is nothing more dangerous than driving without being able to see. Ideally, getting an engine up to operating temperature in any weather minimize this. It may sound silly in the summer, but if... Read More »