How to Define Your Family Values?

Answer Family values are the beliefs, way of life transmitted by a family environment into the individual and this impartation guides the individual every time in his actions vis-a-vis the world outside t... Read More »

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How to Define Your Personal Values?

Personal values are the beliefs, values, and philosophies that we hold about life, its purpose, and our own purpose. As we grow up, we take on board the personal values of others around us until we... Read More »

Do instances of differences in shared values play a part in your extended family life?

Yes. Any relatives who are not parents, siblings or children are considered to be extended family.

About Materialism Vs. Family Values?

American advertising agencies are good at getting people to want the products and services they're hired to promote. So it's not surprising that there is a lot of materialism in the United States. ... Read More »

How does a family set goals, values&standards?

An essential part of parenting involves establishing family standards, values and goals. According to Family IQ, a resource for parenting, establishing these family elements involves open-minded fa... Read More »