How to Defend in Football?

Answer It takes skill in defending any kind of receiver. Covering a receiver in football is one of the hardest parts of the sport.

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How to Defend a Punch?

This is how to defend a punch and end the fight. It isn't hard to do because most people will throw a big sloppy punch which makes it super easy to do the technique. Practice this technique so if t... Read More »

How to Defend Against a Ram?

Rams (male sheep) can be very dangerous animals if you find yourself alone with one and he decides to charge you. An angry ram must be taken seriously––his horns, strength and mass can severely... Read More »

How to Defend in Soccer?

There is no set way to defend in Soccer. A lot of it is instinct, and if you haven't got it, then you haven't got it. However, there are some steps you can take to better yourself as a defender. Ho... Read More »

How to Defend a Bunker?

how defend a bunker is quite simple really, its just good tactics and a focused team.