How to Defend Evolution Against Intelligent Design?

Answer For many years, evolution has been accepted as the scientific view of how life changes over time. Some religions have belief in an intelligent designer who made organisms that do not change, while ... Read More »

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How to Defend Evolution Against Creationism?

Although the widely accepted view of evolution is understood around the world, there are people who still hold their religious ideas to explain how the universe came into being. If you are having a... Read More »

How to Accept Intelligent Design of the Cornea?

Is it true that all cells are supplied with life-giving oxygen from the blood system--well--No! Why not?Could it be that an accident was involved, and does it make sense to believe that "mother nat... Read More »

Why do teeth have nerves Doesn't seem like Intelligent Design?

What use do the nerves serve us? All we get out of them is pain. It seems an intelligent designer would skip that and save us the pain. I have a theory that the nerves actually serve a purpose in m... Read More »

How to Imply Intelligent Design in the Origin of the Cornea ( Creationism)?

Can you individually, logically believe and implicitly see intelligent design in the cornea (in your thoughts)--read on... Is it true that all cells are supplied with life-giving oxygen that is del... Read More »