How to Defend Against a Bear Hug from Behind?

Answer If someone grabs you from behind, there are two likely reasons. One is that they feel like giving you a hug. The second is that they are going to do something terrible. If that is the case, you nee... Read More »

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How to Defend Yourself if Caught from Behind?

Everyone needs to know at least the basics to defend themselves. So here are some that everyone should know.

How to Defend Against a Ram?

Rams (male sheep) can be very dangerous animals if you find yourself alone with one and he decides to charge you. An angry ram must be taken seriously––his horns, strength and mass can severely... Read More »

How do you defend against hoa foreclosure?

Pay all your past due assessments and fees and the legal costs associated with trying to collect them.

How to Defend Against Stabbing?

Information regarding defending against stabbing attacks.In 2006, emergency departments in the USA reported treating 220,580 injuries inflicted by cutting or puncturing wounds. Of those victims, 11... Read More »